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Long ago, a group of 8 pixel art heroes appeared to save the world. 

Original sprites inspired by retro 16-bit Japanese RPGS like Romancing Saga & Final Fantasy, but modernized with vibrant colors and shading. 


  • 8 unique Characters compatible with RPGMaker MV
  • Side-view battle sprites
  • Top-down Overworld WalkingSprites
  • NEW: Each Character now available in 3 colors


  • Mercenary
  • Time Witch
  • Dragon Queen
  • Demon Swordswoman
  • Grand Priestess
  • Wolf Bard
  • Great Sage
  • Monster-Whisperer
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker


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I'd like to commission you to do some SV Actors for me if that's possible. Let me know in a message?

I see down in the comments that you're okay with editing the sprites, but I want to make sure for clarification that you're also okay with modifications to the sprites that might be used for a game to actually be published?


Hi! Yes, that's okay. You can edit these and use them in your published game. As long as you aren't selling them as part of a new asset pack or selling them individually.

Are your Pixel Champions sets compatible with RPG Maker MZ?

Hi! I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I don't think so. 

The sets are compatible with RPGMaker MZ!

hello friend, you are appreciated. Would it be possible to make the different poses they have in 4 or even 8 directions?

Thank you. I don't plan on doing 8 directions, but I do plan on making new overworld poses for Pixel Champions I & II.  I'm not sure if every pose will be available in all directions. 

Wow, this pack just keeps getting more amazing.

Not only do the re-colors look awesome and add functionality I need for my project, but the 1x file sizes give me a lot more options for importing into MV (I plan on doing my own upscaling first).

How do I make the next pack appear right now?! :D

I love Final Fantasy style, Thanks for share.

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The small overworld sprites are awesome, but would you consider making walk animations in the large pixel size?  I was thinking to mix these with some other sprites, but these other sprites don't have the smaller overworld sprites.  The sprites are close to 16x24 it looks.  I had to reduce their size when I dropped them in aseprite because it looked like each pixel was actually 3 pixels large.  The reason for this could just be that I am not an expert with aseprite.

Front and back facing walk animations of the large battler sprites are not currently planned, but I will consider that for the future. Forgive me if I misread your comment, but I think that's what you are asking for?

For RPGMaker MV I resized the sprites to be 3x their original size since the app is high resolution. I just reuploaded the file with the unresized sprites in a separate folder if that helps.


Thanks.  Yes, I am referring to the front and back facing sprites.  It was not a big issue, but I will compare the ones I scaled to the new download.  I will be looking forward to more of your work.

id just like to +1 this request. the smaller sprites don't do it justice on the overworld imho. 

I love this pack - such a great modernization to that classic SNES FF style.

What do you suspect would be the release date for the next pack?

Also, can you confirm that modifying these is OK as long as we don't redistribute? My current project has a class change system that could benefit from re-using select sprite parts for various job sprites.

Thanks! Yes, modifications are okay with me. Ideally I’d like to release the next character pack sometime next month. I could possibly get it out sooner if I lower the amount of characters and add them in later in an update, but I’m planning on this next pack being much larger.

Oooooh - I like the sound of that!

IMO, having more characters is totally worth the wait. Not that I would complain if you released it incrementally, either.

Thanks for being flexible on permissions; my goal is to mix and match the outfits and body parts to make a series of job-specific sprites for each character in my roster. And I'll need to make my own modifications and custom artwork to fill in the gaps of course.

Great work!

What's your policy on redistribution? I'm writing a game library to put on github and would like to use a character from this in a little demo, which means their top-down animations would be added as a .png spritesheet. 

Is that acceptable with attribution & link to this page?

Yes, that should be fine. Thank you! 

Thank YOU! :)

I love this asset! I made a prototype of a battle system using this set and it's so perfect! My problem is that I want to see more. I am obsessed with the SNES style that you have. I wish I had something to give, but if our game flies good, I'll let you know!

That's great to hear! An expanded pack is currently in development.

There are top down attack animations in the zip?

There are no top down attack animations, just walking animations and a few poses for cutscenes.
Top down attacks and interactions may come later.

So...I just discovered this pixel pack and am a little bit obsessed with it, would gladly pay money for more assets like these.

Hey mate. I really love your heroes! I'm a game developer and I'd like to talk to you regarding a small partnership. :)

If you're interested, say hi at cg@evokins.com


I do really love these. Do you think that it's possible to get them formatted and sized for use with RPG Maker MV?

Sure! I'll see what I can do.

i want to make a game, can u help me?

Hello matey I want to make a games aswell, maybe we can work together? I'm really into making games that multiple people can play together, like a multiplayer game, although I have not actually made a proper game yet. I have played around with a few things



Most of my programming experience has been with Java (Backend Stuff), HTML, CSS, JavaScript for front end. Hit me up if you would want to work together on something.

well we can work toghther on someting

i can program , if u can do sprites


Wow these are awesome!! Can they be used for commercial games as well?


Thank you! Feel free to use them anyway you'd like :)

Absolutely fantastic.
If you can make bigger sets of these, I would be happy to purchase.
These are the best retro style characters I've seen on here.
(Any plans for monsters?)

(1 edit)

Thank you so much! :)
Sure, I can absolutely make them bigger. Do you mean more poses or more characters?

It may be a while before they are released, but I have a few enemies in progress :)

Sorry for the confusion. I meant "bigger sets" as in more characters.
Even if it's just different clothes / hairstyles.
I look forward to seeing more! Great work! :D